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We Were Never Alive And We Won't Be Born Again | John was WILDN! @damnimfeelingtastytoday

We Were Never Alive And We Won't Be Born Again


Welcome you dirty little rockstars!💀

I'm Jacob, this is my blog of all the shit i like. I draw, write, paint, and tattoo sometimes. Pansexual. 👻Post Punk Kid👻

I'm almost always on, you guys make this blog fun for me and I'm here if anyone wants/needs to tlk:)you can contact me through ask or kik:neverknowsbestxxx

I call everyone love, sweetheart, etc until I get to know ya.

🔥Talk to me motherfucker🔥

Don't forget Satan Loves you and I do too❤️

Ask me ask me ask me! Submit shit The Beast On Film FacebookArchive

John was WILDN!  @damnimfeelingtastytoday

John was WILDN! @damnimfeelingtastytoday

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